Retinol Collagen Lifting Toner Pads


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Revitalize sagging skin and diminish fine lines with potent age-defying Retinol and Collagen, providing a wrinkle-filling effect for firmer, smoother skin.

Hero Ingredients: Retinol + Collagen



Facial Area

• Instantly firm the sagging under-eye and cheek areas
• Experience an immediate 109.64% improvement in firmness around the eye area after use
• Notice an instant 106.82% improvement in firmness for the cheek area after use

Expression Wrinkles

• Instantly helps to fill deep smile lines and under-eye wrinkles
• Achieve a 126.95% immediate improvement in firmness for smile lines after use
• Experience a 124.40% immediate improvement in firmness for under-eye wrinkles after use


100 pads