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Boosts metabolism and encourages healthy weight loss.

Stubborn weight is due to a multitude of factors, but if you have tried everything from cutting calories to working with a trainer but have reached a weight-loss plateau, you might have what is called Spleen Qi Deficiency. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, if your spleen qi is deficient, you accumulate what is called Dampness. This translates to weight gain.

This formula addresses the root of weight gain, Spleen Qi Deficiency and Damp Accumulation. By tonifying the spleen, the body’s metabolism is reset. Your body recalibrates to more efficiently burn calories and burn fat. 

When you get to the root of why you can’t lose weight, you can shed pounds and keep them off. This is the healthy way to weight loss. Our formula is not a laxative or diuretic. It is Caffeine Free and does not contain Ephedra.

DIRECTIONS: 2-5 capsules twice a day. Dosage varies based on body type. Most do well with 4 capsules twice a day. 


INGREDIENTS: Chai Hu, Hawthorn Berry, Rhubarb Root, Ban Xia, Water Plantain Rhizome, Huang Qin, Immature Bitter Orange Peel, Cang Zhu, Huang Qi, Radish Seed, Orange Peel, Fu Ling, White Peony Root, Ginger, Jujube Dates, Licorice