Heartleaf 70% Daily Lotion


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Why we love itIt is a four-season daily fixing lotion that gently soothes sensitive skin.
It is a new Heartleaf daily lotion with more powerful soothing ingredients and fresh moisturization.
If you ask "I am looking for a fixing item that can be used all year round, not a lotion nomad", "Is there any mild lotion that can be used safely even with sensitive skin?", then try experiencing the Heartleaf Lotion.
It is a non-sticky milk lotion formula with a fresh and moist feeling.
It is quickly absorbed without greasiness and unnecessary oily feeling, leaving only the necessary moisture on the skin.
It is a moisture-replenishing lotion that applies smoothly and finishes lightly and neatly.
Sensitive skin can be used safely as the skin irritation test has been completed.
All components are made of ENG GREEN grade, so it is safe for use.
Recommended for those who want a refreshing finish that does not leave any stickiness, those who are looking for a fixing lotion that can be used all year round, those who want a moist and soothing effect on the skin, and those who want to quickly absorb and maintain moisture for a long time even after reapplying several times.
ANUA uses soybean oil printing, an eco-friendly plant-based ink, instead of earthy compounds, on paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which protects forests in a sustainable way.

Featured ingredientsContains 70% of Heartleaf extract, which comfortably soothes sensitive skin stimulated by the rich Quercitrin ingredient in Heartleaf extracts.
You can see more skin soothing effect with ANUA's unique soothing ingredient formula.
It contains Ocimum Basilicum (Basil) flower/leaf/stem extracts, so you can feel the skin oil-moisture balance and skin purification effect.
Contains Fraxinus Rhynchophylla Extract, which has excellent antioxidant effects and protects the skin from free radicals.
Contains Hydrogenated Lecithin to form skin cell membranes and maintain moisture barrier.
Natural Healing Complex, a skin purifying ingredient, soothes dry and sensitive skin from various external factors and maintains moisture in the skin.
You can feel the powerful moisturizing effect by using triple hyaluronic acid composed of high-molecular hyaluronic acid that forms a skin barrier, medium-molecular hyaluronic acid that improves moisture density, and low-molecular hyaluronic acid that supplies moisture to the skin.

How to useAfter tidying up the skin texture with toner, apply the Heartleaf lotion and let it absorb into the skin.
*Use with 'ANUA Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner' to feel the soothing effect of Heartleaf twice!