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Why we love it
This is a flight attendant mist serum that survived in extremely dry cabin environments.
With 193 makeup experts satisfied with the product, 97.4% were willing to repurchase the product, 93.2% had good makeup after use, and 91.8% were satisfied with the skin having a soft glow.
It has accumulated sales of 14 million bottles, more than 90,000 Naver reviews, 14 Mist Serum Beauty Awards, and 4.7 points out of a total rating of 5.0 from Naver users.
As a product that has been tested for skin irritation by a human skin clinical trial institution, it can be used safely without worrying about sensitive skin.
Before shaking, the serum and essence layers are separated because no surfactant is used, but after shaking, the gently mixed serum-essence formula is quickly absorbed into the skin without stickiness.

Featured ingredients
"White truffle", called diamonds of the earth, and the superfood avocado meet to give moisture, elasticity, luster and radiance.
It contains tuber magnatum extract and avocado oil provide rich moisture and nutrition, soothing and hydrating the skin, protecting the multi-gold moisture luster, and making the skin elastic and clear.
It is a double-layer spray serum that sprays fine particles without being filled with nitrogen gas, so you can replenish moisture anytime, anywhere, not only in a dry cabin, but also anytime you feel dryness.
With tuber magnatum extract, it delivers nutrients to the skin by repeating the process of bathing at medium temperature for 3 hours, stabilizing at low temperature for 3 hours, and going through vacuum filtration 3 times.
It contains sunflower seed oil and is good for moisturizing the skin.
It contains salvia hispanica seed extract to soothe the skin, and bifida ferment lysate to nourish the skin.

How to use
When opening for the first time, the pumping port is locked, so press it all the way down to release the lock with a clicking sound to use it normally.
[Use immediately after washing your face to keep as much moisture as possible]
It is a spray-type serum that allows for simple and quick moisturizing.
[Use it frequently for moisturizing, before and after going outside]
It has a layered structure of a water essence layer and a serum oil layer, so it retains moisture for a long time.